Index and Stock tick data with NSEpy

Swapnil Jariwala (~swapniljariwala)




Simple library to download live and historical data from NSE's website. The data is directly available in Pandas Data-frames ready for analysis.

Simple example of fetching data from NSE's website and plotting SBI's price and volume history.

from nsepy.archives import get_price_history
df = get_price_history(stock = 'SBIN', start = '01-01-2015', end = '20-01-2015')
df[['Volume', 'Close']].plot( secondary_y = ['Volume'])


  1. Basic knowledge of Python
  2. Basic familiarity with Pandas and Numpy

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Swapnil Jariwala is currently working as a Project Manager at Wipro. He's an MBA from NITIE, Mumbai. He has also worked in defense projects while working at L & T.

His interest areas are mainly in use of Python in financial data analysis and building tools for Algorithm Trading.

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