Scaling Python Apps via Containerization and Microservices

Peeyush Aggarwal (~PeeyushAgg)




An introduction on how you can harness Docker and Consul to containerise your services and scale better.

It will be a hands on session on using these tools to get your app running in the cloud. We would be building a simple app and proceed by first containerising it and then proceeding to scale it further via means of service discovery.

People will get a hands on about various technologies like Docker, Fig, Consul, Ansible etc.


Basic knowledge of deploying an application. Eagerness to discover new stuff. If you have a few servers at your disposal, it would be great for particle testing.

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A Machine Learning and Computer Vision enthusiast. Could be found hanging out around food joints. Bots and AI excites me.

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Section: Infrastructure
Type: Open space
Target Audience: Intermediate
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