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Elvis Joel D'Souza (~elvis)




PythonExpress is an avenue for learning and exploring the Python programming language and community by acting as a bridge between organizations interested in hosting a workshop, students who want to learn, and experienced Python programmers who are interested to teach.

I'll be sharing my experience of being a tutor, and looking forward to discussing with fellow tutors on experiences with the PythonExpress program, challenges faced, and potential solutions. We can also use this as space to discuss the PythonExpress website and relevant tooling.

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Elvis is a Product Engineer at TV search and remote startup, Sensara. He has worked on several applications of search and contextual Discovery. More recently, he has been exploring how search and mobile can be leveraged to improve the TV viewing experience in your living room via Sensy, a TV Guide & Remote app.

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Type: Open space
Target Audience: Beginner
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