Python bindings to GlusterFS - a distributed filesystem

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GlusterFS is an open source distributed filesystem capable of scaling to several petabytes. It lets you build a scalable networked storage using commodity hardware. GlusterFS combines blocks of storage over the network into a single, large storage pool that is served to client appliances.

libgfapi-python (Python bindings to GlusterFS):

Python applications can now easily access petabytes of storage space present in your cluster. It's as easy as this:

from glusterfs import gfapi
v = gfapi.Volume(host, volume_name)

You can now perform I/O on the storage volume just as you'd do using Python's os module. For example:



  • Basic understanding of Python's os module usage.
  • Fundamentals of storage and filesystem

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Prashanth Pai works as Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is primarily associated with and contributes to the open source projects like GlusterFS and OpenStack Swift. He also co-maintains the libgfapi-python bindings.

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