Python and Microsoft

Gandhali Samant (~gandhali)




Not many people would use the words Python and Microsoft in the same sentence. But in reality there is lot of Python development happening at Microsoft, In this open talk, we will talk about Python Development center on Azure, Python tools for Visual Studio, various Python SDKs available for Azure services and so on. In short, we will talk about everything that Microsoft is doing with Python.



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Gandhali is a Sr. Technology evangelist who has been working with various technologies for over 15 years. Gandhali has worked with several MNCs in India and abroad, primarily in the insurance and retail domain. In her current role as a Certified Azure Solution Architect, she helps partners, customers and developers in building world-class solutions on Azure cloud platform. A graduate in computer engineering from the University Of Mumbai, Gandhali holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Florida Institute Of Technology. Gandhali currently works at Microsoft.

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Type: Open space
Target Audience: Beginner
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