Introduction to Game Programming

Upamanyu Das (~upamanyu)




This talk gives a introduction to the the widely interesting subject of Game programming, introducing the attendees to a very popular game development library called PyGame for Python. Along with the introductory steps of game development, types of games and the basic principles of GameDev, talk will also have a section, where the practical uses of PyGame will be demonstrated by creating a replica of the classic Snake Game.

The talk will cover a lot of ground starting from the game fundamentals, to handing you over the source code for a simple game created in Python. Do what you will to it. Experiment, break it, whatever.

The talk will also briefly cover packaging Python Apps with libraries like py2app. The talk will also emphasize on the importance of building code which is well documented and clean. Not only coding for the sake of coding.


Basic knowledge of handling Python. Eagerness to discover new stuff.

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I am a UI/UX Designer from Mumbai. I’ve been taking interest in Python Development for the past 2 years. As a designer, I emphasize on everything that is clean and minimal, include code.

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Type: Open space
Target Audience: Intermediate
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looks interesting :)

Anubhav Balodhi (~anubhav3)
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