Hands-on first time contribution into Apache Airflow





This will be a hands-on session with the first 30 minutes being walk walkdown about the data orchestrator Apache Airflow, its parts, the community and where to go and seek help, how help can be asked effectively in an Open source community, and place to look for the first time contributors. With that said, we will try hands-on in setting up the development environment in your instance. Picking up the first-time contributors tags from the issue list and making contributions. This will have also introduction about using the git version control tool for making contribution to huge projects in Open-source.

The goal of this devsprint is to give a glimpse of how contributing to an open-source project will look like and give directions on further contribution.


Laptop - ( Linux / Mac(MacOS/ARM)) - 4GB RAM, 40GB disk space, and at least 2 cores ( Installing in Windows machine is not easy and we need to have WSL2 installed to do it)

For this session, we are going to use Docker containers and Docker compose way of installation which can be done during session

With the above said, we will follow the set of commands given in the guidelines and set our environment during the session.

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Bowrna is currently working for Unravel Data and a former Outreachy Intern for Apache Airflow. She is a self-taught programmer who started building software after non CS degree. With the experience of about 10 years, She thinks she has learned a drop in the ocean and wants to explore more. She has contributed to the Apache Airflow project and working on solutions to monitor pipelines in her day job.

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Section: Web & App development
Type: DevSprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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