Enhancing junction as a Speaker Management System

Ananyo Maiti (~ananyo)




junction is the very platform where this CFP is submitted. junction started as a CFP management system by the Python India Developers. It has been passed down by generations of PyCon India Team for serving as the single platform for submitting proposals for PyCon India every year. Over the years we have maintained junction to support all cases for the CFP team of PyCon India growing through their feedback.

The need of the hour it to - Have a full fledged Speaker Management system so that we do not send multiple forms to the Speaker - We should do Speaker Travel & Accommodation Confirmation via junction as well, so that it can serve as single source of truth for Conference organizers - junction should get a UI update. The UI is pretty stale now - Performance improvements for junction in terms of Loading Reviewer Vote data, sending email notifications and other slow corners. - Update junction CI/CD


  • Django
  • CSS
  • Docker

Content URLs:

junction Repo: https://github.com/pythonindia/junction

Speaker Info:

Ananyo is a Software Developer at EPAM Systems. Having worked in multiple domains and Open source projects he has good knowledge of Backend Development. He is a regular contributor to PyCon India initiatives and has worked with CFP reviewers in multiple editions of PyCon India.

Speaker Links:

GitHub Link: https://github.com/ananyo2012

Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: DevSprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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