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Computer Vision Package Dev Sprint Proposal


This sprint is designed to bring together passionate developers interested in contributing to our Python-based computer vision package. I invite you to join in advancing the capabilities and features of our open-source project.


Our primary goal for this dev sprint is to enhance and expand the functionality of computer vision package that implements hand tracking module. Aim is to:

  • Improve existing algorithms and optimize performance.
  • Add new features and tools to make computer vision tasks more accessible.
  • Fix bugs and enhance the package's stability.
  • Enhance documentation to facilitate easier usage and contribution.


  • Gain practical experience in computer vision.
  • Contribute to an open-source project.
  • Collaborate with like-minded developers.
  • Learn from experienced mentors.
  • Strengthen your Python programming skills.

Prizes and Recognition

Outstanding contributions will be recognized, and participants may have the opportunity to become core contributors to the project.


We look forward to your participation in our Computer Vision Package Dev Sprint! Together, we can push the boundaries of computer vision and make a meaningful impact on the open-source community.

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Speaker Info:

I am Lakshay Kumar, author of "From Data to World" and also serving as a Project Manager at Atria Foundation. In my role, I am excited to be launching my first market product aimed at making quality education accessible to underprivileged students. This project holds great importance to me as I believe education is the key to empowerment and social upliftment.

Currently in my academic journey, I authored a book titled 'From Data to World: 5 Real-World Secrets with Data Science.' It reflects my passion for working with data and exploring its endless possibilities for effective analysis. I have had the opportunity to work on bioinformatics projects, particularly in genomics, which exposed me to the fascinating world of biological data.

Even before starting college, I actively engaged with small startups and businesses, assisting them in leveraging technology to transform their operations. Through these experiences, I have honed my skills in languages like Java, C++, and Python. Currently, I am further venturing into the exciting realms of AI/ML, eager to apply these cutting-edge technologies to real-world challenges.

I take immense pride in my achievements, having emerged victorious in coding contests organized by prestigious institutions such as IITs. Additionally, I have had the privilege of delivering talks at renowned organizations like Microsoft, EFY group, OpsTree, Thoughtworks and Mathworks sharing my technical expertise and experiences.

As a lifelong learner, I value the practical application of knowledge gained from industrial experiences. Actively participating in community development activities is another aspect that resonates with me. I write insightful blogs on hash node, develop packages for Python developers, and deliver public talks at various meetup groups. This approach keeps me grounded and focused on delivering meaningful contributions to society.

Apart from my passion for technology, I am also an ardent nature lover. Exploring the beauty of nature through treks, visits to waterfalls, and immersing myself in its serene environments is rejuvenating for me. I genuinely enjoy connecting with new people, building networks, and fostering meaningful relationships.

To know more about my journey, please visit my website at

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