Python Packaging -- pip and more

Pradyun Gedam (~pradyunsg)




What we'd be working on?

  • pip: The Package Installer for Python
  • pypa-bot: Bot that helps manage the issue trackers
  • packaging: Core utilities for Python packages
  • (maybe) virtualenv: Virtual (isolated) Python Environment builder
  • (maybe) twine: Utilities for interacting with PyPI

The plan is to explain stuff to each other, do some technical writing, review some open pull requests and triage bugs to find ones we can close as no longer reproducible. :)

If you have never contributed to Python packaging/distribution tools before, and you want to start, make sure to attend Day 1, where we'll introduce you to the tooling and learn things together! Newcomers are welcome to join - we'll help you learn and contribute!


There's a large spectrum of problems we can work on, so we'll likely have something for everyone.

The more experience you have with Python and Python Packaging, the better. It'll help if you're familiar with git and GitHub. We'd love to have folks interested in technical writing and/or experience with GitHub bots, to help us improve in those areas and make our development/maintenance workflows better.

Speaker Info:

Pradyun will be in attendance.

He volunteers his time to work on Python Packaging. He is a maintainer of multiple Python packaging related tools including pip and virtualenv, and a contributor to, setuptools, twine and more. He is also a PSF Fellow, a member of the Python Packaging Authority, a member of the TOML Core Team and a Google Summer of Code 2017 Fellow.

Speaker Links:

Pradyun's Website (contains email and links to multiple social media platforms)

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