Network Orchestration - Build and Scale your network automations with Python

Akash Thakur (~zerocool443)




Python is crazily building a fanbase for network engineers as it's solving numerous orchestration problems and save millions of dollars to corporate.

The devsprint teaches participants about python's inbuilt and opensource libs for performing network jobs/tasks with an ease. Next you learn how to couple different networking components and build your custom monitoring solutions. You will learn to perform HTTP requests | Data Parsing | Command Executions | Configurations | Database Storage with your python code. See different networking protocols that are supported by python wrappers available today.

Bonus: Find out how to build web apps out of your networking scripts with a magic. ;)


Knowledge of Networking devices and their operating systems.

User must have worked with some network testbeds.

How to simulate a network and run your automation.

Python coding skills - Beginner Level

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Section: Networking and Security
Type: DevSprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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