Zulip Sprint

Puneeth Chaganti (~punchagan)




Zulip combines the immediacy of Slack with an email threading model. With Zulip, you can catch up on important conversations while ignoring irrelevant ones.

Zulip has a web server written using Django. It comes with a web client, a mobile client and a terminal client (written in Python). There are also Python API bindings that are used by bots and other tools.

I haven't contributed heavily to the web-server, but am aware of the architecture of the system - and can help participants setup their development environments and help people start working on issues. I shall try to help people who are stuck on specific things, but if needed, we could get help on the developers' Zulip organisation.


Some experience with Django would help, if you'd like to work on the Zulip server.

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Section: Web development
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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