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One of the most important things a person does on a daily basis is follow news. What is this concept of news and the nature of it? We all know that the above question is pretty self explanatory. So, what if the “news” that one gets to know is a modified version of truth? A lot of us do follow one or a couple of specific news channels and subscribe to a specific news paper. And in the process, we often miss out on how that information is being processed and released as news by the other media entities on the same topic. So the purpose of this is to bring into light, the differences and the extent upto which each media organisation is influencing/filtering what is reaching the reader, based on their own reasons and convenience so that, people are less likely to be deceived. Our main aim is to create a web platform where we can show the users how different media channels are portraying the same topic. This project is a combo of ML+Web dev+ NLP+ DJango


  1. Basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS
  2. Basics of Django or any MVC architecture
  3. Basic idea of ML algos and NLP algos

Speaker Info:

I am Rohith Gilla from India, currently pursuing under graduation 3rd year in Computer Science Major at Mahindra Ecole Centrale, Hyderabad. I have completed my schooling in Vivekananda Residential School with a CGPA of 10 and did my high schooling in PAGE Institute with 98%. I am a passionate coder and re-searcher. I am an Open Source enthusiast and have done a good number of contributions in it and coming to my tech stack my major work is on Python and other stack includes Django, Django REST framerwork, REST, SOAP, flutter, Kotlin, C/C++, Java, Vue-js, Bash, git and also a full stack web developer. I am an Open Source community manager of Coderplex in Hyderabad. Currently, I work with a startup as a software developer. I have the ability and enthusiasm to readily master new technologies. I’ve worked on projects like News analyser twitter Bot, College ShoutOut Box, Web scrappers, Spiders, CLI applications, PyConIndia Official twitter retweet bot and many more, you can find them here at

Apart from this I volunteer in a NGO called Make a Difference which tries to ensure equitable outcomes for children in shelter homes.

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