Create your own Blockchain

Saicharan Reddy (~mrsaicharan1)





In today’s world of finance and security, Blockchain technologies have disrupted the field in such a way where we can finally trust the internet in handling our financial transactions without any third parties in between. This developer sprint will emphasize about the importance of blockchain in today’s world and also cover a live coding session of the implementation of blockchain, right from its roots. You’ll be able to gain insights about how chain works, how transactions are added without any physical means and also learn about how the internet and the blockchain pave a way for the transactions’ consensus. At the end of this live session, you’ll be well versed with the fundamentals of blockchain, how it works at a deeper level and also create your own ledger with which you can add transactions and validate them in real time by wrapping it into an API.


Python and Flask (Flask can be picked up on the fly)

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Section: Web development
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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