coala: open source code analysis toolkit

Nalin Bhardwaj (~nalinbhardwaj)




What is coala?

coala is a static code analysis framework. It provides a unified interface for linting and fixing code with a single configuration file, regardless of the programming languages used. You can use coala from within your favorite editor, integrate it with your CI, get the results as JSON, or customize it to your needs with its flexible configuration syntax.

The majority of coala’s codebase is written in Python. However, within coala development group, there are a large number of other projects, from a generic re-usable community website to a bot for newcomer onboarding, so everyone can find exciting projects in a programming language of their choice!

coala is known for being a newcomer-friendly project to begin with and we feel that it’s a good place to start contributing to this amazing world of Open Source Software.

Session Breakdown

  • Brief introduction to coala
    • What is coala and how to use it
  • Introducing yourself to an open-source organization
    • Join coala to become a "coalian"!
  • Brief introduction to git
    • Basic git commands (commit, remote, push, rebase)
    • How to write a good commit message(as described in
  • Development setup
  • Using GitHub and GitLab bug tracker to find issues and working on them
  • Writing code to fix issues and following code style guidelines
  • Making your first commit to coala and submitting a Pull Request
  • Getting your Pull Request merged
  • Reviewing other people’s code
  • Where to go from here
    • Finding projects and issues to work on in future


  • Enthusiasm to learn
  • Basic programming knowledge in Python(or other programming languages used by coala) will be helpful but not necessarily required.

It is recommended to have the following software installed on your machine:

Content URLs:

Speaker Info:

I'm a Google Code-In 2017 Grand Prize Winner from coala. I like competitive programming and contributing to open-source projects.

Fellow coala community members will also be joining me for mentoring and facilitating the session.

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Section: Developer tools and Automation
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Beginner
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