Bikepacking: Data to information using google cloud functions

Kartik Arora (~kartik53)




The Bikepacking project is a unique community driven project to collect data across India.

Under the bikepacking project, we will have ~30 bikers across india, who would travel and help capture data.

We provide each rider with a data collection kit.

  • Bikepacking Companion App
  • Bikepacking Collector Device

And this kit helps to capture the following data.

  • Positional/Orientation data
  • Environmental data
  • Misc data
  • Quality of life data

This raw data is then pushed to a firebase realtime database.

Now, there is a need to translate this raw data to Information

Data -> Information -> Knowledge

To acheive this we are creating a set of google cloud functions.

Example :

  1. Pothole detection
  2. Journey Summarizer

In this sprint, I hope to have contributions to these functions and help us improve the quality and impact of the data we capture.

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I am the founder of Akriya Technologies, a digital transformation agency.

I like to describe myself as a flexible opinionated guy. It was the summer of 1999 when my father got a PC home, and since then it has been hard to part me away from a system.

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