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Himanshu Dixit (~himanshu89)




What is Oppia?

Oppia is an online learning tool that enables anyone to easily create and share interactive activities (called 'explorations'). These activities simulate a one-on-one conversation with a tutor, making it possible for students to learn by doing and get feedback.

Oppia is written using Python and AngularJS, and is built on top of the Google App Engine platform.

Session Breakdown

  • Introducing yourself to an Open source organization. (Becoming an "Oppia contributor" in our case)
  • Brief introduction to Git and basic Git commands (commit, push, rebase)
  • Setting up the project.
  • Using a bug tracker to find issues and working on them.
  • Writing code to fix the issues and following code style guidelines.
  • Making your first commit with Oppia and submitting a Pull Request.
  • Getting your Pull Request merged.


  • Enthusiasm to learn.
  • Love for Open Source and educating others.
  • Basic programming knowledge in Python will be helpful but not necessarily required.
  • System with a Linux distribution or MacOS.

It is recommended to have following things installed on your machine:

  • GIT
  • Python

Speaker Info:

Himanshu Dixit, I'm a Software Developer and a Google Summer Of Code Student 2017. I have been involved with 3 open source organization and currently leading projects at Oppia and Drupal. I like to write code, interact with fellow software developers and participate in Hackathons.

Pranav Siddharth, I’m an active open source developer and ML engineer. I’ve been primarily involved with Oppia as a project leader for the Statistics framework. I also enjoy solving problems using the functional paradigm.

Speaker Links:

Himanshu Dixit

Github -

Personal Website -

Pranav Siddharth

Section: Web Development
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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