Building a real time chat engine using and MEAN stack

Aman Shrivastava (~amanthedorkknight)




Developing a topic based, real-time, anonymous and global free to connect chat engine which works on the concept similar to IRC.

You can suggest and change topics if you don't like the topic being discussed.

The ready to deploy application will be built on the Express framework of Node.js using websockets.


Beginner knowledge of Angular, Node.js and websockets.

Apart from mentioned basic knowledge the attendees are advised to come with the following technologies for a better grasping

  • Node Express Framework
  • MongoDB database
  • Heroku for hosting the application

Although the aforementioned are not compulsory, it might help if the attendee wants to test the topics being discussed themselves.

Content URLs:

Demo -

Speaker Info:

The speaker is 2017 graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee and is currently employed as an Analyst at Citi Pune. The speaker has been developing web applications and has been a part of various teams developing web applications for audiences inside the campus and out since his first year in college including several web art projects that are live currently.

As a web developer, the speaker has experience and knowledge of working with Django, Node, Rails and Yii.

Speaker Links:

Section: Web Development
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Roy J. Fischer (~roy_j.)

Our community is diverse and welcoming. The project is not disclosing license. Anything without the license is not reliable for the community. It will not be possible to move forward with this project. Thanks for writing proposal.

UltimateCoder (~ultimatecoder)

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Susan Nelson (~susan)

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