Using and Contributing to Open Event project by FOSSASIA for Event Management

Saptak Sengupta (~SaptakS)





The DevSprint would be both in the terms of how to contribute to the project as well how to use the server project to create events and then further use the exported data such as json to create own client side websites. It would cover the basic features of the Server Project written in flask and the various modules such as event creation, call for papers, scheduling, testing, REST API, etc briefly introducing where and how each of the features are implemented and what are the next steps to be done in each of the modules.

What Do Participants Learn

  • Setting up the Server Project in Flask using alembic migrations and postgresql
  • Creating new models for adding to Database schema
  • Writing Unit Testing Modules
  • Using the Server Project to create events
  • Using various features such as scheduling, ticketing, etc. with a brief idea of implementation
  • Using API modules.


Open Event Server project is based on Flask framework. So the basic knowledge of Flask is helpful. However it is not absolutely mandatory as there are many UI related issues and also for testing purposes. So anyone interested in front end web development is also welcome.

The participants should however have a linux or UNIX distro in their system. They should have git and python installed and should know the basic commands of linux.

Content URLs:

The link for the development version of the server can be found here.

The link for the project repository can be found here

The link for issues can be found here

If you have any query before or after the project you can go to our gitter channel and ask your doubts

You can find the steps to setup the environment here

Speaker Info:

Saptak Sengupta is an undergrad from IIIT Allahabad and an open source enthusiast. He loves learning and making anything and everything using Python and Javascript. He is also a student developer in GSoC'16 under FOSSASIA and Mentored students in GCI'15. He has significant contributions in organisations like FOSSASIA, jQuery, Mediawiki and has MHRD funded project on Natural Language Processing using Python. He is the lead organizer of GDG Allahabad and delivers talks in some events.

To know more you can visit his personal website or github link

Section: Web Development
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hello Saptak, Please add the detailed steps to setup the developer environment for this project. Many Thanks!

UltimateCoder (~ultimatecoder)

Hello UltimateCoder. I have already mentioned the link which has all the setup information for the project. The link is

Saptak Sengupta (~SaptakS)

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