Start Contribution in Linux kernel and learn kernel internal by kernel tracing

Shyam Saini (~shyam2)




Learn how to start contributing in linux kernel with hands on experience. This include:

Kernel Intro

Kernel Build Process and Installation

Submitting patches and kernel community protocols

Kernel tracing


Basic understanding of linux OS and OS in general, git.

Content URLs:

Content URLs:

Speaker Info:

Shyam Saini is final year computer science graduate student, FOSS and linux enthusiast and who has submitted some patches in linux kernel. He knows some sort of kernel hacking.

Section: Others
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Beginner
Last Updated:

Shyam is a student of mine. I am very proud for all his capabilities, skills and accomplishments. Good luck to you Shyam. God bless !

Kiran Kankipati

Kiran Kankipati (~kiran4)
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Kalvin Micheal (~kalvin)
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