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Farhaan Bukhsh (~farhaanbukhsh)




Pagure is a light-weight git-centered forge based on pygit2.

Currently, Pagure offers a decent web-interface for git repositories, a simplistic ticket system (that needs improvements) and possibilities to create new projects, fork existing ones and create/merge pull-requests across or within projects. Few examples are Travis CI, Jenkins etc

This devsprint we want to bring more contributors to Pagrue. We are trying to achieve that by getting the participants to have a head start by helping to set up the project and getting them upto the mark by walking them through the code base. Helping them with how to write test cases , to debug the code and making them understand how different component work in pagure.

what will the participants get?

  • Clever usage of git the VCS
  • Design pattern followed in flask project
  • How to write test cases
  • Help in setting up Pagure
  • Help in pushing the code to upstream


  1. Linux distro preferably Fedora
  2. Basic Python

These are the basic two prerequisites.

Speaker Info:

Farhaan Bukhsh

I am a Foss enthusiast and evangelist, I love to learn new technologies and experiment with them. I have been contributing to fedora infra for a year now, I completed GSoC this year for Pagure under Fedora. I have been a part of organisation like FSMK(Free Software Movement Karnataka) and Dgplug. I am a final year student from DSCE Bengaluru.

Vivek Anand

Speaker Links:

Farhaan Bukhsh

Vivek Anand

Section: Web Development
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
Last Updated:

Hello Vivek and Farhaan, Please add the detailed steps to setup the developer environment for this project. Many Thanks!

UltimateCoder (~ultimatecoder)

The link is already there but in case you missed it , here you go,

How to set up Pagure for development ?

Happy Hacking!

Farhaan Bukhsh (~farhaanbukhsh)
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I need to participants i'm making a theory on pagure so its help me to Make Me An Essay and please add more details step by step.

Diana David (~diana)

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