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FOSS communities thrive in a collaborative environment in virtual spaces on Internet. Events are a way to meet physically and also introduce newbies to FOSS culture. We believe Fossevents will help communities meet physically more often. This will enhance learning and bonding between community members. is a crowdsourced foss events listing site. This is a rewrite of the existing site which was created using Drupal a few years back.


  • Many a times when we are busy with our lives we loose track of what FOSS events are happening in our neighbourhood.
  • When we travel, we would like to know what FOSS events are happpening in other cities in that time frame.
  • FOSS events are few in India, and the ones that are there are under-promoted. We want the numbers of both FOSS events and attendees to increase in India.

What Do Participants Learn

  • Participants will be contributing in an open source project and will be able to apply the knowledge to other projects.
  • Design pattern followed in django project.
  • How to write test cases.


  • Basic knowledge of Python and Django.
  • Working knowledge of Django Rest Framework.
  • Should have a linux or UNIX distro in their system.
  • Should have git and python3 installed.
  • Should know the basic commands of linux.

Content URLs:

  • Link for the project repository can be found here.
  • Initial release target can be found here.

Speaker Info:

Mayank Jain

Developer with good knowledge of Python and JavaScript. He loves learning and making things using new technologies. Worked as Software Engineer in uTrade Solutions, a financial trading technologies startups in Chandigarh, India. Presently working as Software Engineer in Fueled.

Speaker Links:


Section: Web Development
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hello Mayank, Please add the detailed steps to setup the developer environment for this project. Many Thanks!

UltimateCoder (~ultimatecoder)
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Kalvin Micheal (~kalvin)

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