Comprehensive Call Data Record Analyser

Sharad Agarwal (~sharad1126)




This dev sprint covers a practical introduction on what call data records are and how are they analyzed. You will learn about the basic use of call data records in cyber crime investigation and contribute towards making the software better.

The CDRs come in an excel format to the law enforcement agencies and you can imagine how time consuming and difficult it is to analyze them without a software.

This dev sprint would be a step by step guide how to analyze the CDRs and know the basic terminologies behind it. You also get to know some interesting information you can get from a CDR like the location of the phone.

This project was a part of my internship at Gurugram Police.


A basic understanding of Excel, Python(Loops, functions and openpyxl library), Google APIs and Google Earth. You need not have prior knowledge about Call Data Records in depth but interest in the field of security would be something that would help you in understanding the basic concept.

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I am a passionate cyber security enthusiast and recently finished my summer internship at Gurugram Police Cyber Cell. I am currently in my junior year pursuing CS from Vellore Institute Of Technology, Chennai Campus. I have recently started the OWASP VIT Student Chapter, the 4th student chapter in India.

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Section: Data Analysis and Visualization
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hello Sharad, Please add the detailed steps to setup the developer environment for this project. Many Thanks!

UltimateCoder (~ultimatecoder)

@ultimatecoder I will add the steps for creating the developer environment on Github for your kind reference.

Sharad Agarwal (~sharad1126)

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