Azure DocumentDB Migration tool - using Python

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Azure DocumentDB is a NoSQL Database service in cloud. DocumentDB is compatible with MongoDb and developers can write SQL Like queries to work with DocumentDB. During this dev-sprint we will develop a Migration tool to export a MongoDb database to Azure DocumentDb. A windows application exists at the moment to help developers do the migration, we plan to make a python application to help developers achieve the same using Python.


  1. Python 2.7
  2. PyDocumentDb Package -
  3. MongoDB Installation -

Preparing the Dev environment

  1. Install Git
  2. Install PyDocumentDB Driver from -

    pip install pydocumentdb 3. Install MongoDB

      For Ubuntu - 
      For Mac - 
      For Windows -
  3. A Sample Mongodb to be ported - import using command mongoimport --db test --collection restaurants --drop --file ~/downloads/primer-dataset.json

Azure DocumentDb connection will be given on the spot. We'll be starting with a fresh repo at github.

Content URLs:

  1. Azure DocumentDB knowledge -
  2. Azure DocumentDB Migration tool -

Speaker Info:

I am a Sr. Technology Evangelist (Open Source solutions) with Microsoft. I have a decade worth of experience in both Microsoft technologies as well as with open source technologies. I have architected highly scalable and reliable solutions using Open source technologies. I regularly speak at 3rd party conferences including the local PyDelhi Chapter. I love to work with technologies that make developers lives easy, every now and then a new product comes out that makes the processes more easier, my job is to bring that knowledge to devs and make our lives simpler, because there are better things to do than to write code.

Speaker Links: Contributor to -

Section: Infrastructure
Type: Dev Sprint
Target Audience: Intermediate
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