Web3 Development in Python: A Hands-On Workshop

Mohit Bhat (~mohit09)




The Web3 and blockchain ecosystem is booming, leading to an increasing demand for building diverse applications. While JavaScript is commonly used for developing and connecting these applications to the blockchain, Python is also a powerful and versatile language that can be leveraged for the same purpose. In this session, we will explore how Python can be utilized to build and connect to blockchain applications.

Session Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Blockchain and dApps

    • Understanding the basics of blockchain technology.
    • Overview of decentralized applications (dApps) and their significance in the Web3 ecosystem.
  2. Web3 Libraries in Python

    • Introduction to key Python libraries for Web3 development, such as web3.py.
    • Exploring the capabilities and features of these libraries.
  3. Communicating with the Blockchain using Python

    • Setting up a Python environment for blockchain development.
    • Establishing connections to different blockchain networks.
    • Sending and receiving transactions.
  4. Connecting to Smart Contracts

    • Understanding smart contracts and their role in blockchain applications.
    • Writing Python code to interact with smart contracts.
    • Deploying and invoking smart contract functions.
  5. Reading and Writing Data on the Blockchain

    • Techniques for reading data from the blockchain using Python.
    • Writing data to the blockchain and understanding gas costs.
    • Practical examples of data manipulation and management.

By the end of this session, you will have a solid understanding of how to use Python for blockchain development, enabling you to build, connect, and interact with blockchain applications efficiently. Whether you are a Python developer looking to expand your skills into the blockchain space or a blockchain enthusiast eager to explore Python's potential, this session will provide valuable insights and hands-on experience.


Basic Python Knowledge, A Working PC

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Speaker Info:

Mohit Bhat, Lead Blockchain Engineer at Singularity, Singapore, Project Admin and Mentor at Google Summer of code, Project Maintainer and Mentor at CG4T for Meity. Mohit is a seasoned Full-Stack Blockchain Engineer currently leading as the Lead Blockchain Engineer at Singularity. With extensive experience in blockchain technology, Mohit has a proven track record in developing and optimizing blockchain protocols. As a certified Ethereum developer, Mohit has a commendable track record of success in over 30 hackathons and awards, showcasing his expertise and innovative approach in the field. His passion for blockchain technology extends to heavy contributions in both Web2 and Web3 open-source projects, highlighting his commitment to the advancement and development of blockchain technologies.

As an accomplished speaker and educator, Mohit has delivered numerous sessions and workshops under various organizations and initiatives, including Upskill India, Blockchain School, Script Foundation, AICTE, and GSDC. He has also spoken at international conferences such as the FOSSASIA Summit 2024 and Web3Conf India 2023.

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