Using Python with MongoDB

Satyam Gupta (~satyam1)




This presentation is a perfect starting point for anyone learning how to use Python with MongoDB. The presentation will delve into: 1. SQL vs NoSQL (Short Introduction) 2. Terminology Understanding of MongoDB 3. Using MongoDB with Python

Descriptions: 1. SQL vs NoSQL: This section describes the difference between SQL and NoSQL and when to choose which database. 2. Terminology Understanding: This section will delve into the various terminologies needed to understand Documents, Collections, etc. This will provide an introduction for any beginners before we delve into Using MongoDB with Python section. 3. Using MongoDB with Python : This will give the audience a chance to see how to use MongoDB with Python. We'll start with the insertion, updation, and deletion of documents and quickly move to topics like Aggregation, using Flask with MongoDB, etc. This will allow the audience to see how easy and intuitive it is to use MongoDB with Python.


No Prerequisites. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Python can attend.

Speaker Info:

Name: Satyam Gupta

Current Company: MongoDB

Current Role: SDE 2

Bio: I'm a Software Engineer 2 at MongoDB. Before my role here, I worked as a Data Analyst at Innovaccer. I have an overall 4.5 years of experience in the field of Python having worked in different domains including development, analytics as well as data engineering side of things. I write and speak a lot of Python, Data Science and Analytics in my free time. I have recently, received the Linkedin Top Data Analytics Voice Badge as well. I'm also MongoDB Developer Certified.

Prior Speaking Experience: I have spoken at various tech meetups and events, some of which include:

  1. LPU, Jalandhar: Gave a session on MongoDB and Python at LPU, Jalandhar for B.Tech and M.Tech students. The talk focussed on using MongoDB, Aggregation, and querying in Python.
  2. Online Session for GNDU, Amritsar: Gave an online talk on the same topic as proposed for PyCon at GNDU College, Amritsar.

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Type: Talk
Target Audience: Beginner
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