Unleashing Agent Intelligence: Power Up Your Applications with Lyzr Automata

Harshit Nariya (~harshit9)




In Today's dynamic world, building applications that can react and adapt intelligently is crucial. Lyzr Automata, a powerful Agentic SDK, empowers developers to create such applications by introducing the concept of "soft agents." This session will delve into the exciting world of Lyzr Automata, explaining how it simplifies the development of intelligent and autonomous systems.

This talk is designed for Python developers of all experience levels who are interested in:

  1. Building intelligent applications
  2. Exploring the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and agent-based systems
  3. Simplifying complex decision-making processes within applications

Talk Outline:

  • Introduction to Agentic Systems
  • Lyzr Automata: Unveiling the Powerhouse
  • Building Intelligent Applications with Lyzr Automata (Live Demo)
  • Real-World Applications
  • Q&A and Open Discussion


  • Has used ChatGPT before
    • Basic Understanding of Python

Speaker Info:

Harshit Nariya - Member of Technical Staff @ Lyzr.ai

Section: Core Python
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Advanced
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