The Power of Neurodiversity in the Age of AI

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Neurodiversity is the reality of nature. It is to humans, what biodiversity is to life. Neurodiversity represents the infinite variations of the human brain differences and the benefits of leveraging those differences.

In the age of AI, creativity, innovation, adaptability, and resilience can only be achieved through neuroinclusion. Leveraging the uniqueness of human neurological variations is an invaluable and irreplaceable imperative for human progress and technological advancements.

This talk will take the audience through the discovery of the world of neurodiversity and help them understand the multi-layered benefits of being neuroinclusive. Not only that members of the audience will be able to look within to discover their own neurodivergence, what makes them unique, and how they can work with those strengths.



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Joel Godi, a seasoned Social Psychologist and Learning & Development (L&D) professional with over 25 years of dedicated experience, brings a unique perspective to his work as an individual living with both Autism (AuDHDer) and ADHD. Since establishing Neurogifted in 2015, Joel has been at the forefront of the global effort to promote the neurodiversity movement.

As a renowned neurodiversity activist, consultant, and speaker, Joel is passionate about fostering inclusive environments that unlock the full potential of every individual. He firmly believes that embracing neurodiversity isn't just a matter of social justice but also a key driver of economic success.

Through his extensive collaborations worldwide, Joel advocates for neuroinclusion in all spheres, emphasizing the importance of creating a more equitable and just society. With his expertise and dedication, Joel Godi inspires audiences to embrace diversity and harness its power for positive change.

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