Revolutionizing Financial Health Analysis: Harnessing Open Source LLM and Langchain Technologies

Sumit Jaiswal (~justjais)




In today's fast-paced business environment, measuring a company's financial health is critical for investors, stakeholders, and regulatory agencies. And, in this era of rapid technological development, the demand for precise and timely financial insights has never been more critical. As businesses negotiate complex market landscapes, the capacity to examine their financial health and forecast future performance has become an important part of strategic decision-making.

I'll show how to extract useful financial information from publicly available sources like corporate reports, news stories, and social media posts using LLMs' ability to handle massive amounts of text data. The framework makes use of LangChain's information retrieval and text creation capabilities to provide a complete view of a company's financial health. By constructing semantic networks with LangChain, I'll capture the interconnection of financial elements, allowing the model to comprehend the dynamic interactions inside a company's financial landscape.

The proposed methodology offers several key benefits, including:

  • Enhanced accuracy by integrating multiple data sources.
  • Increased transparency and accountability in financial reporting.

This talk will give a full overview of the framework, emphasizing technical advancements and promising applications in finance, business, and academia. I encourage you to join me in exploring the intriguing opportunities at the convergence of LLMs, LangChain, and financial analysis.


  • Though not a hard requirement/pre-requisite, but it is recommended that attendees have a basic understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Information Retrieval concepts. As, RAG is an advanced topic that combines these three areas to generate human-like responses to text or speech queries by using machine learning models, knowledge graphs, and large datasets.
  • Having a understanding of the mentioned technologies will enable you to fully engage and follow along with the discussions during the talk. However, if you are new to these concepts, attending the RAG talk can also be an excellent opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and gain insights into this rapidly evolving field. Also, there's no requirement of having an understanding of finance, as LLM should be able to explain everything in simple human readable format.
  • Lastly an open mind and a desire to learn are essential prerequisites for attending any technical talk, including RAG. :-)

Speaker Info:

With over a decade of experience weaving my way through the intricate web of technological advancements, I, Sumit Jaiswal, have journeyed from the depths of device drivers to the thrilling heights of AI and machine learning. I am a open-source enthusiast and enjoy experimenting with different open-source technologies. Currently residing in Noida, I've previously lived in Bangalore for more than a decade and fondly miss the city's weather and its Biryani. I am a adventurous soul, who loves traveling and engaging in discussions about emerging technologies throughout the day.

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  • As, I am part of RedHat Ansible organization I actively contribute towards writing blog around Ansible and its applications, ref:
  • I've delivered multiple talks at several conferences like AnsibleFest, DevConf, and Config Management Camp. All of the talks are available at their respective youtube channels.
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