Pythonic Infrastructure: Ditch the YAML, Embrace the Charm (cdktf)

Adit Modi (~adit)




Ditch the YAML drudgery and write elegant Python code for your AWS infrastructure! This session dives into cdktf (Cloud Development Kit for Terraform), an open-source project that lets you leverage the power of Python for Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Tired of YAML Wrangling?

YAML Headaches? We've Got the Cure: Stop wrestling with complex YAML syntax. cdktf lets you define your AWS resources with clear and concise Python code, making IaC a breeze. Boost Productivity: Simplify your workflows with the CDK construct programming model. Structure your IaC for readability and maintainability. Terraform Power Under the Hood: Tap into Terraform's robust capabilities for provisioning and managing your AWS infrastructure seamlessly.

Why Attend This Session?

Master Pythonic IaC: Gain the skills to write and manage your AWS infrastructure with Python, leveraging your existing programming knowledge. Say Goodbye to YAML Nightmares: Ditch the frustration and write beautiful, maintainable IaC code using Python with cdktf. Real-World Use Cases: Learn practical techniques and best practices for managing AWS infrastructure with cdktf through real-world examples.

Session Outline:

The YAML Struggle is Real: Explore the challenges of traditional YAML-based IaC and how it hinders productivity. Introducing cdktf: Python to the Rescue: Discover cdktf and its key features for writing IaC in Python. Unlocking Pythonic Efficiency: Deep dive into the benefits of using Python for IaC, including code readability, maintainability, and collaboration. Live cdktf Demo: Building AWS Magic with Python: See cdktf in action! We'll walk through a live demo showcasing how to define and manage AWS resources using Python. Advanced Techniques & Best Practices: Explore advanced cdktf concepts and best practices for maximizing your IaC workflows. Q&A: Open forum to answer your questions and address any challenges you might have with cdktf and Pythonic IaC.

Join us and ditch the YAML, embrace the charm of Pythonic IaC with cdktf!


Basic understanding of Python & familiarity with IaC concepts preferred. No prior experience with cdktf or Terraform required.

Speaker Info:

Adit Modi is a Senior Cloud/DevOps Engineer at Simform with over a decade of hands-on experience in cloud and DevOps. He holds 11 AWS certifications and specializes in AWS-related DevOps, Data Engineering, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). As an AWS Ambassador and HashiCorp Ambassador, Adit is a passionate advocate for community-driven growth, actively contributing to the tech community as a speaker, organizer, and volunteer. Adit's expertise lies in architecting robust solutions within the AWS ecosystem, and he is excited to share insights and best practices on leveraging Python for AWS platform engineering.

Section: Python in Platform Engineering and Developer Operations
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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