Python WSGI & ASGI: Python's Evolution From Scripting Tool to Web Development

Reena Kamra (~reena)




Among the plethora of cutting-edge discoveries in Python, I find it compelling to highlight a fundamental feature that has significantly enhanced Python's usability across diverse domains. Specifically, I'll delve into the evolution of Python from a scripting tool to a pivotal player in web applications.

The discussion will unfold across the following segments:

  1. Exploring Static & Dynamic Websites
  2. Tracing the Evolution of Web Servers
  3. How WSGI simplified web deployment in python
  4. Transitioning from WSGI to ASGI
  5. Asynchronous programming in python


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Reena Kamra holds the position of Senior Systems Engineer at Siemens Gamesa in Bangalore, bringing over six years of expertise in designing, architecting, and deploying highly scalable systems.

Proficient in languages such as Python and JavaScript, she possesses a solid understanding of databases including MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Reena's diverse skill set extends to various stacks, encompassing Node.js, Express.js, Django, Flask, React.js, and Jinja2. She has authored numerous automation scripts aimed at streamlining system operations. Prior to her role as a Software Engineer, Reena accrued approximately 1.5 years of experience in the Drone Industry.

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Section: Python in Web and Applications
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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