Practical Guide to Celery in Production





Celery is a popular asynchronous task management framework used very widely in Django applications. Many startups use both Django and Celery to run batch and asynchronous work loads. But running celery in production comes with its challenges and at Avoma we have faced and overcome good subset of these challenges which we would like to share and present to wider group. This talk was also part of Python Pune Meetup Feb 2024 and was well received by both student and professional community who run celery in production at scale. Attaching the presentation and the video of the talk that happened at Python Pune Meetup


  • Django
  • Celery
  • Web Application

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Mahesh Mahadevan - Software engineer with 17 + years of experience working in MNCs and Startups. Currently working as Principal Software Engineer at Avoma building products to make meetings more actionable.

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Section: Python in Web and Applications
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Advanced
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