Mastering Async Programming in Python with Celery

Dheeraj Kumar (~dheeraj0)





In an era where efficiency and scalability are paramount, asynchronous programming has become a vital tool in a Python developer's arsenal. Celery, a powerful distributed task queue, has emerged as a go-to solution for handling asynchronous tasks. This talk will delve into the fundamentals of asynchronous programming in Python, showcasing how Celery can be leveraged to enhance the performance and responsiveness of applications. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of Celery's core concepts, its integration into real-world projects, and best practices to maximize its potential.


  • An overview of asynchronous programming and Celery.
  • Understanding how Celery can simplify and enhance task management.
  • Best practices for integrating Celery into Python projects.

This Talk is For:

  • Python developers interested in asynchronous programming.
  • Developers looking to improve application performance and scalability.
  • Anyone curious about using Celery in real-world projects.

Talk Outline:

  • Understanding Asynchronous Programming Basics: 5 mins
  • Introduction to Celery and its Core Concepts: 10 mins
  • Setting Up and Configuring Celery: 5 mins
  • Implementing a Simple Task in Celery: 10 mins
  • Deploying and Monitoring Celery Tasks: 5 mins


  • Basic Python programming constructs (variables, loops, conditionals, etc.).
  • Familiarity with terminal shell and basic configuration files (YAML, JSON).

Speaker Info:

Dheeraj Kumar is a Senior Backend Engineer at GKM IT, specializing in Backend Development with 6+ years of experience in Python development, Dheeraj Kumar has a passion for sharing knowledge and empowering fellow developers through insightful talks and workshops.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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