Live-Coding: Mastering Python Web Scraping with Scrapoxy

Fabien Vauchelles (~fabien)




Join me for an incredible live-coding masterclass to unlock the full potential of Web Scraping! From novice to virtuoso, you’ll learn advanced legal techniques for collecting crucial datasets to train AI models.

🔍 Highlights 🔍

Protection Disclosed 🔒

  • Overcome fingerprint challenges and anti-bot measures.
  • Reverse engineering protection to understand tracking signals

Proxy and Browser Farms Adventure 🌐

  • Discover Scrapoxy, the free and open-source proxies aggregator tailored for Web Scraping
  • Become an expert in browser farms with Playwright

This live session will immerse you in the secret world of data.

Don't miss the unique opportunity to master these essential skills!

This masterclass is a full live-coding session where I'll take attendees on an intriguing story.

Imagine Isabella, a visionary AI engineer with a head full of dreams. She wants to revolutionise the tourism industry. But there is a catch - she's missing the crucial ingredient: data.

During this presentation, we’ll join Isabella on her data quest. I created the website specifically for this talk. We’ll address protection measures step by step in real-time.

And the best part? Every attendee will leave with the skills to apply these latest legal techniques to collect data.

Also, I already talked in Devoxx, PyCon or other conferences. Here is my latest recorded talk:

I hope this submission would meet your expectations for the conference!


This talk is for tech beginner.

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Fabien Vauchelles is an Anti-Ban Expert. With over a decade of experience in Web Scraping, Fabien's passion for code and technology helps him to bypass bans.

He is the creator of Scrapoxy, a mature free and open-source proxy aggregator tailored for the Web Scraping industry.

Section: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Beginner
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