Leveraging Python in Serverless Computing





We will demonstrate how Python can be combined with the ease of serverless computing in the domain of web development and distributed service domain. Serverless computing is growing exponentially and many businesses are adopting it at a very large scale. Python, being a very high demand language, is a go-to option for development. Now, we can combine both of these technologies and make versatile, easy to scale and manage microservice-based applications. In recent years, serverless computing has emerged as a revolutionary approach to building and deploying applications. It offers numerous benefits, including scalability, cost-effectiveness, and reduced operational complexity. Python, a versatile and powerful programming language, is increasingly becoming the language of choice for serverless development due to its simplicity, readability, and extensive ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. In this presentation, we will explore the advantages of using Python in serverless computing and discuss best practices for leveraging its capabilities effectively.


  • An overview of serverless computing and Python.
  • Understanding how the process of deployment can be made easy.
  • Improving your documentation comprehension skills.

This talk is for:

  • Those who want to learn about Python, Web Development, and the Serverless Framework.
  • Beginner programmers who want to explore Python.
  • Anyone in between!

Talk Outline:

  1. Understanding Serverless Framework basics: 5 mins
  2. Implementing a small endpoint in Python: 15 mins
  3. Deploying the service on AWS: 10 mins
  4. Testing using Postman tool: 1 min


  • Basic python programming constructs (variables, loops, conditionals etc.)
  • Being familiar with a terminal shell, npm and yml
  • That's all!

Speaker Info:

Adit Soni is a Senior Backend Engineer at GKM IT, where he applies his skills in Python, R&D, and Data Science to develop and maintain scalable and robust web applications. With over three years of experience in backend development, including previous roles as a Back End Developer and a Junior Developer Intern at GKMIT Pvt Ltd, he has contributed to projects involving data analysis, machine learning, API design, and cloud deployment.

Collaborated with Priyanshu Arora, who is a recent college graduate with over 1 year of industry experience from Python and Web Development to Serverless and cloud computing. He is currently a Junior Backend Developer at GKM IT.

Section: Python in Web and Applications
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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