Lessons from 12 yrs of running pydelhi and other local communities.

Anuvrat Parashar (~bhanuvrat)




This talk shall cover 8 lessons in leadership and human psychology I learned by starting and running a few open source tech communities in Delhi/NCR region. And how those lessons can impact one's personal / professional lives.

  • Consistency is Key.
  • Meaningful connections matter.
  • Sharing knowledge helps fight imposter syndrome.
  • Seed more than you leech.
  • Don't be a Dic-tator: Find, empower and enable your successor.
  • Money, power and corruption: How to collectively see the bigger picture?
  • What motivates teams (read volunteers) when there is no money or power structure?
  • Selfishness is good and important.


An interest in technical communities and what makes them survive?

Speaker Info:

Anuvrat has been a part of the open source ecosystem of India since 2009. Started with attending Linux User Group and NCR-Python meetup groups in Delhi. The mentors and friends he found at the meetups and conferences defined his career choice into first starting as a backend-engineer and then starting his own consulting agency, essentia.dev Besides running his agency, he contributes to various communities: pydelhi.org, asetalias.in, linuxdelhi.org, elixir-delhi, hillhacks.in etc.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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