Kivy Mobile App for PyConf 2024 Feedback





Feedback is a powerful and crucial tool for providing information about a product, service, performance, or experience of attending a conference/event to the person or entity that created it. Conference feedback is specifically focused on gathering information and insights from attendees about their experience at a conference. In general, the conference feedback system helps boost the organizer's motivation to improve future events, identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluate speaker performance in content delivery and reach, and provide many other insights. Kivy is a Python framework for developing cross-platform applications focusing on user interfaces. This talk focuses on how to develop a feedback system for PyConf-2024 as a mobile application using Kivy. It provides complete knowledge of the concepts and steps involved in creating a mobile application and uploading it to the Play Store.

The detailed agenda of the talk is

  1. Introduction to Kivy and its architecture [3 Minutes]
  2. Installing Kivy on Windows [2 Minutes]
  3. Kivy widgets & its purposes [3 Minutes]
  4. Creating a feedback form for PyConf-2024 and Event Handling using Kivi [6 Minutes]
  5. Interact with the Sqlite3 database to store feedback [4 Minutes]
  6. Steps in converting the Kivi application into an Android application. [3 Minutes]
  7. Uploading the mobile app into the Play Store [ 4 Minutes]
  8. Q&A [5 min]


  1. Basic Python programming knowledge
  2. Fundamentals of UI design and Layout management
  3. Basics of Sqlite3 queries

Speaker Info:

Dr. KALPANA P obtained her Ph.D. in computer science from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli. She works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Yeshwanthpur Campus, Bangalore, Karnataka. She has more than 22 years of teaching and 12 years of research experience in Computer Science. She has published eight research papers and one book chapter in reputed National and International journals. She is passionate about Python programming and has published two books, viz., "A Primer to Python Programming - Code Yourself" and Python Programming Essentials – Learn by Doing, for Computer Science readers as a co-author. Her areas of interest include Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Mining/Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Distributed Programming, R, and Python.

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Section: Python in Web and Applications
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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