How Python helped me Bridging Dreams to Reality in Open Source: A contributor voice

Abhishek Kumar (~octonawish-akcodes)




Join me as I share how Python transformed my journey in open source, taking me from mere aspirations to real accomplishments. Through personal stories and honest reflections, I'll show you how Python became more than just a programming language—it became my guiding force. I'll also take you through the ups and downs I faced while participating in major programs like Google Summer of Code, and Outreachy and how I made myself the BEST candidate for the projects I got selected for.

This talk will also help you to understand the magic of open source and how technology evolved when people came together to innovate. I'll also share my tips on how you can be a GOOD open-source developer based on my experiences.

Also discover how Python acted as both a toolkit and a mentor, helping me overcome challenges and contribute meaningfully to projects with a global reach. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this talk will empower you to unlock Python's full potential in your own open-source endeavors.

You can bet me on this, that YOU WILL take a lot of learnings from this talk.


No pre-requisites required, just willingness to learn something new :))

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Abhishek Kumar, GSoC'24 Intern @SPCL, LFX'24 Intern @CNCF-KCL, Ex-Outreachy Intern @KernelCI, Section Leader @Stanford Code In Place

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