How I learnt the Art of Balancing - Integrating Hobbies for work-life Harmony!

Shravani Thirunagari (~shravani7)




Struggling to juggle the demands of work and personal life? I have gone through a similar journey. Being a mom and working full time as engineer, I have had a tough time holding it together to find peace at work and home. The talk will include insights from the challenges I faced both mentally and physically and how I overcame them. This session offers practical insights into achieving a harmonious balance by incorporating hobbies into your daily routine.

Learn how nurturing personal interests can enhance productivity, reduce stress, and cultivate a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The talk will emphasize on how to be committed towards passion despite having to listen that you cannot do it. I will be sharing tips on how to channel your energy into the right hobby and build a passion that can bring bliss to your life.

By the end of the talk, the audience can resonate and take away the tips I share that can impact their lives positively. Hoping to inspire and motivate the engineers, as I strongly believe if I can do it anyone can!


There are no prerequisites for attending this talk. This talk caters to everyone in the software industry who is fighting stress.

Speaker Info:

My name is Shravani. I am a Software Engineer with 6 years of experience and a full-time mom, based in Hyderabad.

I hold my primary experience in Javascript frameworks like Meteor JS, Node JS, and Express JS and fairly have 2 years of experience in Python Flask framework.

I have a deep passion for coding, which I balance with my love for painting landscapes, a hobby I enjoy sharing with my son. Additionally, I have been learning Kuchipudi dance form for the past 18 months and I have only been doing better in my professional and personal life.

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