Generative AI in Disaster Response and Management: Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Crisis Situations

Soumya Bhardwaj (~soumya8)




This talk explores the application of Generative AI in disaster response and management to improve response times, resource allocation, and communication during crises. By leveraging predictive analytics, automated damage assessments, and dynamic resource distribution, this approach aims to significantly reduce human and economic losses in disaster situations. We will discuss various Python tools and libraries used to develop these AI models, showcasing real-world case studies where Generative AI has been effectively implemented in disaster scenarios.


A solid understanding of Python programming. Basic knowledge of AI and machine learning concepts. Familiarity with AI libraries in Python such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Speaker Info:

As a Technical Product Manager at Lyzr AI, I lead a dynamic team of four developer advocates, focusing on pioneering applications in Generative AI. My background includes roles as Associate Product Manager at Asya Inc. and Software Developer at Zomato, where I leveraged my extensive Python expertise. I specialize in product ideation and driving technological advancements, with a strong foundation in software development from previous experiences at leading tech firms in India.

Section: Core Python
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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