Evaluation Techniques for Large Language Model and Retrieval Augmentation Generation





Do you know how well your LLM is performing?

Large Language models such as GPT and Gemini has been there for a while. They have been trained on huge data and as result, provides us the information at hand.

However, the key concern is if this information provided by these LLMs are valid or not. In many situations, their knowledge proves to be out of context and they hallucinate or generate some gibberish data. There is also a need to evaluated the RAG pipeline to check if correct data is retrieved from the provided data.

In this talk, let's deep dive in exploring the various evaluation techniques for LLMs and RAGs.


Familiarity with using LLMs and some experience with Python.

Speaker Info:

Gauri is Senior Data Scientist at Allegion India. She is a post graduate and have around 5 years of experience. She is working on LLMs and RAGs to build a smooth working pipeline to help business take decision faster. She have published 4 research papers previously on various domain of Data Science and Machine Learning.

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Section: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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