Empowering Hardware Development: Python's Role in Accelerated Chip Design and Beyond

Gursimran Singh (~mixed-signal)




Python has emerged as a popular alternative in many fields due to its intuitive and easy-to-learn semantics. This proposal aims to explore the potential of python in empowering hardware development, a field historically dominated by Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) and proprietary tools. The talk also reviews open source alternatives to proprietary frameworks that leverage python’s versatility and extensive libraries to come up with innovative solutions for fundamental problems that plague hardware design.

Participants will discover how python has something to offer for all facets of hardware development enabling acceleration at multiple levels by detecting errors early, reducing cycle-time and making hardware more robust, all the while maintaining its pythonic elegance and simplicity.

Outline of the talk :

  1. Background : Analog and Digital chips, Semiconductor life cycle, Overview of 3 primary functions in chip development : Design, Design Verification, Test and Validation
  2. Python for Design Engineers : Present day challenges in IC design and Python's role in enabling faster design. Comparison with Hardware Description Languages. Important python libraries used (Example Scikit RF, MyHDL).
  3. Python for Accuracy and Reliability : Challenges in pre-silicon verification and post silicon testing. Reviewing open-source python tools (such as CocoTB) as solutions to these challenges.
  4. Case Study: Real world example of how python is used for testing ICs in simulation and after fabrication to reduce test time and catch bugs early.
  5. Future Directions : Machine learning in Hardware Development, AI for chip design. Brief overview of tools like Berkeley Analog Generator.
  6. Q&A Session


The lecture is of particular interest to hardware enthusiasts but anyone with a basic understanding of Python programming concepts should be able to follow through.

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Speaker Info:

Gursimran is a an Analog Hardware engineer at Texas Instruments. He has ~ 2 years of experience developing multiple tools that aid in the design, verification and testing of Integrated Circuits at Texas Instruments. Other than hardware Gursimran is also keenly interested in the field of signal processing and communication systems. Gursimran has also been involved in the perception and creation of NeuroDiag : A python powered diagnosis tool for diseases like ADHD and Schizophrenia.

Speaker Links:

Personal Website : mixedsignal.tech Blog Website : blog.mixedsignal.tech Linkedin : linkedin.com/in/gursimran-singh-b590971a5/

Section: Python on Hardware
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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