Edge Computing for Efficient Drone and Satellite Data Analytics






In this session, explore the transformative potential of edge computing in the realm of drone and satellite data analytics. As the volume of data collected by drones and satellites continues to grow exponentially, traditional data processing methods face significant challenges in terms of latency, bandwidth, and cost. Edge computing offers a solution by enabling data processing closer to the data source, thus enhancing efficiency and enabling real-time analytics. This session will cover the principles of edge computing, its integration with drone and satellite data workflows, and practical implementation on real-life case studies.

Session Outline:

  1. Introduction to Edge Computing
    • Definition and key concepts
    • Comparison with cloud computing
  2. Challenges in Traditional Data Processing
    • Data volume and velocity issues
    • Latency and bandwidth constraints
    • Cost implications
  3. Benefits of Edge Computing for Geospatial Data
    • Real-time data processing and analytics
    • Reduced data transfer costs
    • Enhanced data privacy and security
  4. Edge Computing Architecture for Drone and Satellite Data
    • Overview of edge computing architecture
    • Integration with drone and satellite data collection systems
  5. Python Tools and Libraries for Edge Computing
    • Overview of relevant Python libraries for Edge Computing
    • Examples of edge computing frameworks from research literature
  6. Practical Implementation: Case Studies
    • Real-world case-studies of edge computing in drone and satellite data analytics
    • Processing and analyzing remote sensing data on edge devices
  7. Relevance & Future Trends
    • Importance and relevance in the context of drone and satellite data
    • Key considerations for deploying edge computing solutions
    • Emerging trends and future directions in edge computing and geospatial analytics
  8. Q&A and Interactive Discussion
    • Open floor for questions and discussion

Learning Objectives: - Understand the core concepts of edge computing and its advantages for drone and satellite data analytics. - Gain familiarity with Drones and their payloads. - Learn about practical applications and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of edge computing in geospatial projects.



  • Curiosity to learn something NEW..!
  • And, passionate about Python!!


  • Basics of Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Different types of Satellites/UAVs

Speaker Info:

I am currently working as Senior Remote Sensing Engineer at BharatRohan Airborne Innovations, where my responsibilities involve UAV/Satellite data analytics, mapping agricultural fields, automating remote sensing workflows, lead geospatial software development, developing geospatial programming pipelines etc. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from JKLU and a Master’s in Remote Sensing & GIS with specialization in Satellite Image Analysis and Photogrammetry from IIRS-ISRO.

I have been involved in various technical communities such as IEEE, CSI, and Amazon Alexa Community throughout the academic journey and participated in various national and international hackathons as a participant, mentor, and judge. Passionate about machine learning, geospatial programming, and hyperspectral remote sensing, with a technology advocating compassion and belief that true information is a powerful component to develop new technologies. To sum up all the above – A Space Tech enthusiast.

Speaker Links:


  • Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/harshadityagaur
  • Blog : https://harshadityagaur.medium.com
  • Github : https://www.github.com/HarshAditya23

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Section: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Beginner
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