Django SSE 5.0: Transitioning from Polling to Real-Time Magic

hemi s.k (~hemi)




Embark with me on a journey through the evolution of real-time communication within Django. I'll start by dissecting the traditional polling system, understanding its framework and limitations. Then, will dive into the intricacies of building an asynchronous Django application that complements its synchronous counterpart harmoniously. Our exploration extends to Server-Sent Events (SSE) and their seamless integration within Django, empowering developers to craft responsive, real-time applications.

Engage in insightful discussions covering authentication strategies and managing client disconnections, ensuring a holistic comprehension of real-time communication paradigms in the Django ecosystem.

This session champions a server-side approach, employing elementary JavaScript and htmx to enhance real-time interactivity. I aim to demonstrate how developers can infuse real-time capabilities into their applications without rewriting existing code, maximizing the value of their prior investments. Additionally, I'll delve into Django Channels, highlighting key concepts and avoiding redundant efforts by leveraging existing frameworks.

Explore deployment options seamlessly compatible with synchronous applications, ensuring a smooth transition to real-time functionality.

Moreover, the principles elucidated transcend Django, offering valuable insights applicable across various frameworks, enriching your development toolkit.

As an added treat, witness a live demonstration of a real-time Mastodon firehose-based system, adding an exhilarating dimension to our exploration.

Join as I embark on this transformative journey, unlocking the full potential of real-time communication in Django 5.0 and beyond.


Knowledge of Django, Django channels, asyncio.

Speaker Info:

Hello, I'm Hemangi Karchalkar. Armed with six years of professional programming experience and an enduring love for coding, I presently serve as a Senior Software Developer at EPAM Systems. Beyond my coding prowess, I find fulfillment in sharing knowledge with others. My passion lies in aiding individuals in their journey to success in the realms of data science and artificial intelligence. I've been fortunate to present at esteemed gatherings such as PyCon Italia 2023, Pycon India 2023, Pyconf Hyderabad 2022, Pycon Italia 2024, and GIDS Bangalore 2023.

Section: Python in Web and Applications
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