Decoding WebAssembly: Unraveling the CPU in Your Browser

hemi s.k (~hemi)




In recent years, Python's presence in the browser has surged, with innovations like Pyodide, CPython on WASM, and PyScript leveraging the capabilities of WebAssembly. This talk delves into the core of WebAssembly, dissecting its strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and future prospects. Additionally, we'll explore its utility beyond the confines of the browser environment.

Targeted at an intermediate/advanced audience, this talk assumes no prior knowledge of WebAssembly but requires a basic understanding of compilers, interpreters, and bytecode concepts. While the introduction ensures accessibility to newcomers, the discussion swiftly progresses to delve into low-level technical intricacies. Topics include pivotal aspects relevant to the Python ecosystem, such as WASI vs. emscripten, dynamic linking, JIT compilation, and interoperability with other languages.


Basic understanding of the below concepts: - Compilers(Compilation process) - Interpreters - Bytecode

Speaker Info:

Hello, I'm Hemangi Karchalkar. Armed with six years of professional programming experience and an enduring love for coding, I presently serve as a Senior Software Developer at EPAM Systems. Beyond my coding prowess, I find fulfillment in sharing knowledge with others. My passion lies in aiding individuals in their journey to success in the realms of data science and artificial intelligence. I've been fortunate to present at esteemed gatherings such as PyCon Italia 2023, Pycon India 2023, Pyconf Hyderabad 2022, Pycon Italia 2024, and GIDS Bangalore 2023.

Section: Core Python
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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