Creating of really multilingual Django project





Django has many different obsolete ways to work with translations: - PO-Static translations, - Data-in-Model Translations, - probably Reactive Frontend Translations also works in other manner.

In this workshop i want to show, how it should be organized

I’ll take my own Django-TOF opensource project and create small Really Multilanguage Project on DJANGO, how it should be, to avoid problem in future. We can also add some VueJs Frontend to see, how to cover translations from front end.

I try to discuss those points:

  • Starting a multilingual Django project.
  • What we should not forget on start.
  • Static translated texts of the project.
  • What’s wrong with i18n.
  • Problems with Automatic Translation.
  • Why AI still can not fully help us?
  • Why translatable dynamic content will not translate properly.
  • Why not existing Django/Python multilingual solutions?


Preinstalled Django

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Maxim Danilov, Senior Python/Django software Engineer, Solution Architect, DevRel and Tech Speaker.

I start my career as a programmer specializing in embedded solutions in 1997, and grow to CTO in 2023. Through many successful projects, I gained a robust understanding of various software development paradigms. In last 10 years as a code mentor, I 've got three times the Award 'Super Mentor in Engineering'

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