Creating a QR code and barcode generation web service





On this workshop we will create several web services for generating QR codes or barcodes, we will test them and publish them on the server. And then we will consider what problems may appear in the service later.

This masterclass will show how a web barcode generator is developed:

We will use Django, Reportlab, uvicorn, treepoem, ghostscript libraries as tools

  1. Creating a simple service on Django
  2. Adding customization features to the service
  3. testing
  4. Dockerization
  5. Publishing on the server.
  6. Add CLI capabilities for internal use

After we discuss the results and review the potential obstacles in the usage of such Service and consider how to avoid them.


Preinstalled Django, Reportlab, uvicorn, treepoem, ghostscript

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Maxim Danilov, Senior Python/Django software Engineer, Solution Architect, DevRel and Tech Speaker.

I start my career as a programmer specializing in embedded solutions in 1997, and grow to CTO in 2023. Through many successful projects, I gained a robust understanding of various software development paradigms. In last 10 years as a code mentor, I 've got three times the Award 'Super Mentor in Engineering'

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