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Imagine a world where implementing a high-performing backend application takes just a minute, saving months of effort. Imagine if you can implement any app dynamically within a minute in any of your favourite Python based framework like FastAPI, Flask and Sanic.

I am thrilled to introduce the future of backend development in your favourite framework, self developed Backend as a Service - DazzlePy

DazzlePy makes this dream a reality. DazzlePy isn't just a platform; it's an accelerator to building backend applications with unparalleled ease, precision, and speed.

With DazzlePy, all you need is a database design in the standard DBML format, and watch as the magic unfolds. In a matter of moments, DazzlePy dynamically generates the backend application, in the framework of your choice out of Flask, FastAPI, or Sanic.

But that's not all - DazzlePy doesn't just stop at the basics. The generated app that contains all the APIs based on the database design, is equipped with essential features like logging, caching, authentication and authorisation, interactive Swagger documentation, a meticulous layered architecture, Pydantic based validation & serialisation, Sqlalchemy, Alembic integration, smtp, background tasks, exception handling and much more. The application also contains the bitbucket/gitlab pipelines and Docker for hassle-free deployment of the the app on any cloud. The dynamically generated app also comes with GitHooks for an efficient development lifecycle, and also comes with an option to push the app code automatically to any git repo.

And guess what? It's all automated, and it's all done in just a minute. Plus, the generated code is fully customisable, ensuring the unique app vision isn't compromised.

Witness the groundbreaking capabilities of DazzlePy and say goodbye to tedious backend setup, lengthy development cycles, and quality compromise. Say hello to an era of instantaneous, high-performing backend applications that adapt to required needs. Transforms and accelerate the development process - from months to minutes. An ideal solution for quick prototyping, PoCs and quick development.

Outline of the Talk

1. Challenges in Backend App Development (5 mins)

  • App architecture
  • Setting up standards
  • Configuration of every component from logging to database to caching to swagger.
  • Initial efforts and time to kick start the working application

2. Introduction to self developed DazzlePy (3 minutes):

  • Unveiling the DazzlePy platform and its promise to transform backend development.

3. A Glimpse of One-Minute Magic (4 minutes):

  • Live demonstration of DazzlePy's instant backend generation in action, from standard DBML design to fully functional app.

4. Feature-Rich Marvel: What's Under the Hood (6 minutes):

  • Explore the extensive features included in your DazzlePy-generated app: logging, caching, authentication, Alembic, Sqlalchemy, and much much more.

5. Efficiency Unleashed: GitLab/Bitbucket Pipelines and GitHooks (4 minutes):

  • How DazzlePy automates development lifecycle

6. Customization: Your App, Your Way (2 minutes)

  • Understand how DazzlePy's generated code is your canvas, allowing you to craft the app you envision.

7. Future Possibilities and Conclusion (1 mins)

  • Future plans and features planned for DazzlePy
  • Conclusion and key take away points

8. Discussion and QnA (5 mins)


Basic knowledge of Python coding, syntax, and object oriented principles.

Speaker Info:

I am a Python Enthusiast who loves building software applications and education related content. I am a technology professional and a passionate programmer with 12 years of experience in Python & Python related technologies. I am currently working as Architect at SenecaGlobal Inc, Hyderabad.

I have been involved with multiple professional projects in various industrial domains and technical fields. My expertise is in application development, data processing & analysis, data pipelines, data structures, & algorithms, various non-relational and relational databases, Python, Flask, FastAPI, Celery, Redis, Cassandra, AWS, Airflow, GreatExpectations, Docker, and various other tech stacks. I am also an open source contributor, and published self developed libraries on PyPI. I love creating libraries and various utility tools that help me in solving a challenge/problem that could also be used by others in the developers community.

My personal interest is in exploring new technologies, web application development, IoT systems, spread Python education, and read novels. I also write and share my thoughts occasionally on Quora and Medium.

Speaker Links:

Delivered workshop - PyCon 2023

From Novice to Virtuoso: Mastering Object-Oriented Python in 3 Hours

PyPI Libraries

  • Flask-Dantic - Library to integrate Pydantic with Flask
  • Lazy Alchemy - A library to load SQLAlchemy Tables Lazily
  • And many more in progress ...

Docker HUB


Medium Articles (Published in NerdForTech and





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