Crafting Maps with Python and PyQGIS

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QGIS, an open-source GIS software suite, offers desktop, mobile, and web components and is freely available for download. Released under the GPL v3 license, QGIS provides users with a non-commercial option, eliminating concerns associated with proprietary GIS software.

With its recent updates, QGIS version 3.14 introduces the Temporal Controller feature, enabling the creation of various map types. This feature seamlessly manages temporal layers within QGIS, allowing users to effortlessly generate animated maps from temporal location datasets without the need for additional plugins.

Python scripting support in QGIS, known as PyQgis, extends its functionality, enabling users to enhance mapping capabilities. Utilizing SIP and PyQt bindings, QGIS exposes its core functionality through the PyQgis API, empowering developers to create standalone Python applications incorporating QGIS features.

This talk aims to demonstrate how Python and QGIS can be leveraged to construct map animations using the QGIS Temporal Controller Python API. The session will cover PyQgis Temporal API, Python scripting within QGIS, building standalone Python applications, and creating QGIS Python plugins to facilitate map creation.

Geospatial programmers proficient in Python and individuals interested in utilizing open-source tools for location data analysis are the target audience. The talk seeks to elevate participants' understanding and appreciation of the contributions made and the open-source tools available in the geospatial domain.

Speaker Info:

Hello, I'm Hemangi Karchalkar. Armed with six years of professional programming experience and an enduring love for coding, I presently serve as a Senior Software Developer at EPAM Systems. Beyond my coding prowess, I find fulfillment in sharing knowledge with others. My passion lies in aiding individuals in their journey to success in the realms of data science and artificial intelligence. I've been fortunate to present at esteemed gatherings such as PyCon Italia 2023, Pycon India 2023, Pyconf Hyderabad 2022, Pycon Italia 2024, and GIDS Bangalore 2023.

Section: Python in Platform Engineering and Developer Operations
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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