Clean Code and All Its Friends

Nafiul Islam (~gamesbrainiac)




Python initially came out with trying to make sure that there was one obvious way to do things. However, over time, Python has evolved as a language and things have become more difficult to get “right” the first time. In this talk, we’re going to go over the best practices on how to write good, clean, idiomatic Python.


  • Introduction regarding the topic and the speaker [3m]
  • Early Python [5m]: What did Python look like in the early 2000s and how did it change with Python 3.0
  • The universal tenets of clean code [6m]: What does good idiomatic Python even mean?
  • Writing classes and functions [10m]: We’re going to dive into what makes good classes and good functions? When do we use dataclasses over regular classes? When do we push in a lambda instead of a function?
  • Python Tooling [3m]: Tools that can help you write better Python and how to get them


A basic knowledge of Python.

Speaker Info:

Nafiul Islam is a Software Engineer, Speaker and Author. With more than a decade of development experience, Nafiul loves talking about developer experience and how to make it better. Nafiul currently works at Sonar as the Developer Advocate for Python. Previously, he worked at JetBrains and Microsoft.

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Section: Core Python
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Beginner
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